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Art on the Move 2013-14

Please note: submissions will only be accepted through



In 2005, Longmont debuted an Art on the Move (AOTM) program, bringing five unique and creative artworks to the downtown area. Since that time, more than 50 of these temporary pieces have transformed Longmont, each year enhancing the sites that they reside in and engaging community members and visitors to experience and enjoy the works, all year round.

The Art in Public Places Commission (AIPP) of the City of Longmont is currently seeking artwork from Colorado artists for AOTM 2013-14. Artwork will be displayed in various locations from July 2013 through June 2014. Artwork must be durable and able to withstand all weather conditions. All media will be considered; however, all work submitted for review must adhere to the space criteria, as existing pedestals are of set sizes.

Up to seven works of art for the following locations will be selected for AOTM in 2013-14:

 (For all images, please see

*Special category

In 2013, AOTM is seeking work fabricated with 100% recycled materials to be placed within the circular landscaped entrance to the Waste Diversion Center. Please identify any submissions for this particular category with a “recycled” symbol of your choice.AOTM call 2013-14


The Commission is seeking to display unique artwork of a diverse range. All artwork must be size/scale appropriate; work will be installed on the various bases/pedestals as described and must be “transportable” after the 11-month period. All media appropriate for outdoor locations will be considered. Artwork must be appropriate for public display, and will not be considered if any offensive, religious, or political messages may be interpreted. The selection panel will consider the following criteria in its review of submitted artwork: appropriateness, durability, uniqueness, compatibility with site, and safety. The AIPP Commission is seeking work that is of high quality and durable and can handle extreme weather conditions, which may include intense sunlight, high winds, and freezing temperatures mixed with ice and snow. “Sunlight” or “exposure” considerations will not be made for individual pieces that might fade. Artwork to be considered may be work that is completed and already available or work to be fabricated before the final installation date of July 5, 2013. Artwork that is also available for sale by the artist will be referenced as such on the City’s AIPP website.

Artists selected for AOTM 2013-14 will receive a stipend of $750 per piece after delivery and installation of the artwork. No additional funds are available for transport of artwork. The City of Longmont will be responsible (physically and financially) for installation of all artwork.

In addition, AIPP instituted a Community Choice Award in 2012, and nearly 500 people cast their vote for their favorite piece. The winner, Joshua Lewis, received a bonus of $500 for his “Spring in Full Swing” sculpture (LINK). AIPP has again allocated $500 for the 2013-14 AOTM Community Choice Award. Details will be posted after installation of selected works of art. 

Submission requirements:

Artists who reside in Colorado are invited to submit up to three different pieces for AOTM projects. Please submit up to two images (or drawings) for each piece proposed.

Each piece submitted must be accompanied by the following:



January 31, 2013: Submission deadline

March 2013: Artists notified; contracts written and signed

June 25–July 5, 2013: Delivery of completed artwork and installation

July 19, 2013: Formal dedication of all AOTM 2012-13 artworks

June 2014: Deinstallation and return of work to artists

To view current installations, as well as photos of pedestals, please see