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Logo for Longmont Power & CommunicationsBe safer around electricity when a storm hits

Colorado's often violent weather can cause electric power outages any time of the year. Wind, lightning, snow an dice are the usual culprits--knocking down trees, breaking power lines and sometimes toppling utility poles.

Storm-related power outages are often wide spread, with significant amounts of damage affecting many people over a large area. LPC has an emergency response plan for major storm power outages and regularly conducts emergency response exercises.

Even with planning and preparation, however, the complete restoration of power after a severe storm may take several hours to several days. During that time, it is very important for citizens to be aware of electric safety hazards and take the following precautions to prevent injury or even death:

LPC offers free electrical safety demonstrations and materials to schools, businesses, civic groups and community organizations. Click here to learn more about these demonstrations.