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Electric Rates 


Residential Rates

Residential 3-tiered rate Residential life support discount and low-income senior and disabled discount
Residential Rates Rate options for all electric homes
Residential self generation rate Rate comparison to Colorado
Renewable energy

Commercial Rates

Commercial Rates Renewable energy
Commercial self generation rate Rate comparison to Colorado


Franchise Fee Information

We believe that providing great service means providing clear and transparent communication. LPC electric rates & service charges include the 8% Franchise Fee paid to the City of  Longmont General Fund. The General Fund covers services typically associated with local government such as Police, Fire, Parks, Recreation, Planning, Code Enforcement, Library, and Economic Development.

Even with the inclusion of the franchise fee, Longmont Power & Communications’ rates are among the lowest in both the state and the nation. For individuals wanting to compare LPC rates with other utilities or associations, we will be glad to help you get the most accurate comparison

LPC Rate Comparison to Colorado: January 2014

Average Rate comparison

In January 2014, LPC rates continue to be lower than the average electric rates in Colorado. This year, LPC’s residential customers are paying 31% less than the average electric rate in Colorado. In addition, our small commercial customers are paying 28% less, and both our large commercial and industrial customers are paying 25% less than other Colorado utilities charge, on average.

2014 LPC rates also compare favorably to the average rates of neighboring utilities. Residential customers are paying 23% less than the average and small commercial customers are paying 18% less. LPC’s large commercial and industrial customers are paying 27% and 20% less respectively.

* Data is based on a Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities January 2014 survey.


Residential 3-Tiered Rate

The Residential Energy rate structure provides savings to customers as they decrease their electric usage. Although our typical customer's entire usage often falls into the first tier, if a customer uses 1,750 kWh in a month, their bill looks like this:

Tier 1

0 - 750 kWh

Tier 2

751 - 1,500 kWh

Tier 3

1,501+ kWh

You will pay 7.55¢ per

kilowatt hour

You will pay 8.23¢ per

kilowatt hour

You will pay 9.30¢ per

kilowatt hour


Tier 1
750 kWh @ 7.55¢ =


Tier 2
750 kWh @ 8.23¢ =


Tier 3
250 kWh @ 9.30¢ =


  Monthly service fee  
  Total electric bill  

A Residential Demand rate is available to customers with higher levels of electric use. See information on our Residential Demand Rate for more details

This information is a summary of residential rates. For more information, read LPC's Rates and Regulations Governing Electric Service.


Discount for low-income senior and disabled

A $4 monthly discount on electric bills for qualifying low-income senior and disabled customers reduces the impact of rising electricity costs. To be eligible for the discount you must:

Discount for residential life support

Residential customers who require medical life support equipment in their homes receive a 20% Life Support Discount:

Residential Demand Rate

Residential electric customers who use electricity as a primary or secondary source of heating, or whose annual energy use exceeds 15,000 kWh, are eligible for the Residential Demand rate. The rate includes three components:

A request for this rate must be made to LPC in writing. Customers who elect to receive this rate must remain on it for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.