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Energy Smart the easy way to an efficient home or business

Energy Smart

Looking for a way to make your home more comfortable

or improve your business' bottom line?

EnergySmart will help you identify how you may be wasting energy.

Services include:

        • An EnergySmart advisor that provides expert assistance
        • Prioritized energy-saving recommendations
        • Help with finding contractors and reviewing bids
        • Knowledgeable assistance with rebates and financing
EnergySmart for Home EnergySmart for Business

Leslie IrwinBefore the EnergySmart improvements in my tri-level home, the upstairs would get so hot that I had to suck out the hot air with the attic fan and then blast the a/c to even make it bearable enough to sleep. Now, the upstairs is barely warmer than the downstairs when I get home from work, even with this incredibly hot summer! My house has definitely been more comfortable." - Leslie Irwin, Longmont

Chuck Martin"EnergySmart helped us upgrade our lighting and we also cut our energy costs by installing our Air Pear fans." - Chuck Martin, Avedon Engineering/Airius

Business Rebates

Visit to learn more or call 303-544-1000 (for homes)
or 303-441-1300 (for businesses)


View EnergySmart video!

Featured on Longmont Channel 8, Around Town hosted by Josh Goldberg.

Case Study: See how Longmont's 515 Kimbark Professional Building saved with EnergySmart