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Longmont Power & Communications: A Century of Service

100 Years of Service, Longmont Power & Communications



• Local     • Reliable     • Affordable

A Century of Service to the Community

LMLP DoorOn March 7, 1912, The City of Longmont received the right to provide electric power to its residents and businesses. From its initial moment of service, the utility was clearly filling a need. Within 24 hours, approximately 125 new connections were established. Within a week, that number increased to almost 600 connections.

In the 100 years since that time, Longmont's electric utility, now known as Longmont Power & Communications, has maintained its focus on responding to the community's unique needs and interests. The utility has provided local control and ownership, lower rates, strong reliability and focused customer service.

Longmont Power & Communications is committed to continuing to provide these benefits in the future, and looks forward to its next century of service.