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Fines, Fees & Borrowing Schedules

Book Fines Piling Up - Pay Online

(303) 651-8476

Checkout Periods

Books - 3 week checkout period; 3 week renewal; 6 book limit per subject area.


Audiocassettes & Read-Alongs - 3 week checkout period; 3 week renewal; limit of 10.

Compact Discs - 3 week checkout period; 3 week renewal; limit of 10 CDs.

DVDs - 1 week checkout period; 1 week renewal; limit of 10 DVDs per card.




Collection Agency

The Longmont Library uses a Collection Agency to aid us in retrieving lost items or large amounts of fines. When an account reaches $25.00 in unpaid fines and/or lost items, the patron receives a billing notice from the library, which explains that the account will be turned over to a Collection Agency if the materials are not returned or fines paid. If the patron does not contact the library, the Collection Agency will begin contacting the patron.

Claims Returned
The Longmont Library also has a claims return option that patrons can use if they are absolutely certain they have returned library items that are still showing as checked out. When an item is placed on claims return, library staff checks for the item on the shelves on three different occasions, making a notation in the patron’s record each time. If the item is found, the patron will be notified the next time they check out. If the library or the patron does NOT find the item within 60 days, the full replacement cost of the item is charged to the patron’s account.

Bookdrop Location
The outside bookdrop is located on the east side of the library off of Emery Street. There is a bookdrop at the Circulation Desk inside the library. Returning items to the indoor drop reduces damage.