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Overdrive, check out downloadable audio and ebooks with your library card.

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Longmont, Lafayette, Broomfield, Boulder and Loveland public libraries are the consortia that provide our library members with downloadable audio and ebooks. If you own a Nook, Kindle, iPad or any other portable device, this is where you go to check out ebooks to them. It is all free with your library card.

Go directly to Overdrive here.

Need help, go directly to the Overdrive help desk here and select Longmont Public Library to fill out online help form

Step by Step Help Sheets for kindle , nook , and mobile

For a step by step visual instructional guide to downloading to your device, you can do that here.


Why is the selection of popular books so limited on Overdrive?

eBooks : Some Questions and Answers and my Opinion by Judith Anderson, Director, Longmont Public Library.
As most of you know, the Library has eBooks.  They are available on the Library website with a link to Overdrive.  
A question we hear often is:  why don't you have (fill in a title) available as an eBook?  The short answer is "we can't".  It's not that we don't want to... Of the Big Six book publishers, Random House is the only one that allows unrestricted access to eBooks via Overdrive.
Why don't you choose another supplier (other than Overdrive)? Overdrive has only one competitor and it is in the same boat as Overdrive - big publishers will not sell to it.
Why won't publishers sell to Overdrive and make their eBooks available to libraries? They are afraid they will lose sales.  They say if it is too easy to borrow eBooks from the library, then their customers will do that instead of buying their own copy.
Libraries (and I) would argue that libraries increase book sales in all formats (paper, audio and eBook).  How often have you discovered a new author at the library? --someone that you might not have taken a chance on if you had to pay retail for the book.  Then you recommended that author to a friend, bought books to give as gifts or decided you liked it so much you had to "own" the book (and every other book that author wrote). 
 Libraries "grow" readers.  We, and our children, learned to love reading using the resources found at our public library.  Now that we are adults, we buy books and encourage the next generation of readers who will someday buy books.
For a good overview of publisher and library issues see the New York Times article:  "Publishers vs. Libraries: An E-Book Tug of War, 12/24/11.
Eventually, this will all sort out and I hope in a way that will allow libraries to lend eBooks.  In the meantime, Longmont Library staff is making the best selections that we can given the titles we have access to. Please keep asking for what you want and we will do our best to meet your requests.
Smaller, independent publishers are cooperating with Overdrive. So, you will find some undiscovered gems, new authors that you might have overlooked as well as best sellers from Random House in our eBook collection.

Judith Anderson
Library Director
Longmont Public Library


Last updated 3/7/13