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Construction Overview, Left Hand Creek Flood Control Project


The construction of this project will generally be done in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Replace the South Pratt Parkway Bridge. This phase will involve closing South Pratt Parkway just north of Missouri Avenue, demolishing the existing box culvert, relocating a gas line and a waterline and rebuilding a larger box culvert, which will include a pedestrian underpass for the Left Hand Creek Primary Greenway trail. This phase is expected to last approximately 2 months before vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be able to cross the new box culvert.

Phase 2: Once the South Pratt Parkway box culvert is opened to vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the next phase will be to add bridge structures at Main Street and enlarge the Left Hand Creek Channel between Main Street and South Pratt Parkway. The work in Main Street will include adding two new box culverts immediately south of the existing single box culvert – one for additional drainage and one for a pedestrian underpass. During construction, traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction on Main Street. Traffic will first be shifted to the western side of the road while the eastern portion of the culverts are built, and then will be shifted to the eastern side of the road while the western portion of the culverts are built. It is expected that each half of the culverts will take 2 months, so the traffic impact to Main Street is expected to last approximately 4 months.

Phase 3: Improve the channel on the north side of Pike Avenue. This phase will involve raising the elevation of Pike Road and Ridgeview Drive to redirect the Left Hand Creek water away from homes and back toward the creek channel during large storm events. To accomplish this, Pike Road will temporarily be diverted to the northern part of the right-of-way while the existing road elevation is raised. At the same time, Ridgeview Drive will be closed between Pike Road and Creekside Drive in order for its grades to be adjusted. The closure of Ridgeview Drive is expected to last 30 days. Once the roads are completed, traffic will be shifted back to the existing Pike Road alignment and the northern Pike Road right-of-way will be improved with a trail and landscaping.

Phase 4: Either before or after Ridgeview Drive is closed for construction, construction will occur on the Left Hand Creek channel just north of Pike Road. This work will include regrading the channel, rebuilding the bike path and replacing the existing pedestrian bridge between the trail and Hartley Court. It is the City's intention to maintain pedestrian access along the Left Hand Creek greenway trail during the time that Ridgeview Drive is closed. While Ridgeview Drive is open, the greenway trail under Pike Road will be closed to allow for construction. The reconstruction of the trail and installation of the new pedestrian bridge is scheduled to occur between June 1, 2012 and August 15, 2012.

Other work associated with the project includes replacement of the pedestrian bridge at Kanemoto Park, replacement of the greenway trail between South Pratt Parkway and Main Street and landscaping and irrigation through the project corridor.

Please note that this schedule and sequencing is tentative and can change based on weather and/or unexpected construction impacts.