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Flood Preparedness, Longmont Flood Preparedness and Spring Runoff Information

Although Longmont experienced significant flooding in September 2013, it doesn't mean that it won't happen again soon. The odds of a major flood occurring are the same regardless of when the last flood occurred.

There is no way to predict how or when the next flood will occur, and it's unlikely that flooding will happen in the same way in the future. The magnitude, duration, scope and path of flooding will vary and cause different impacts. Floods can happen at any time, with little or no warning. The best course of action is to be alert and prepared.

The City of Longmont wants you to be prepared for any flooding, landslide or debris flow situations that arise due to normal spring runoff, intense rain events and/or abnormal land conditions following the 2013 Flood.

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Please explore the "Flood Preparedness" sub-pages in the menubar to your left to get all the details and information.

If you would like further assistance in emergency planning and flood safety, visit the City of Longmont Office of Emergency Management >

Know the Risks

(taken from Boulder County's Post-Flood Community Preparedness Guide)

Flash Flooding | Thunderstorm-Related Flooding | Landslide | Debris Flow | Spring Runoff

As a result of last year’s rain and flooding, the risks of flash flooding may increase this year because of the following reasons:



Last updated 04-15-2014