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Longmont Flood Information

The City of Longmont experienced major flooding in certain areas of the city September 11-15, 2013. This event resulted in damages that will not only take much time and effort to repair, but will have lasting effects on our community. As we all work together to rebuild, it is our goal to keep the community informed and involved. Please bookmark this page and visit often for continued news and updates. You can also call our City of Longmont General Inquiry line at (303) 776-6050, Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Follow Our Journey

You can see our general progress towards full flood recovery and future flood protection through the graphic below. There are two summits, Protection Peak at $91 million and Recovery Peak at $45 million, because we have two different mountains to climb. Our hikers represent total dollars the City has spent so far towards each objective. Watch them move up the mountains as we complete more projects!

mountain graphic of progress

Protection Peak

After the flood, the City identified key projects that should be completed to mitigate future flood damage, preventing such a catastrophe from occurring again. It is estimated that $91 million will be needed to complete these important projects.

Recovery Peak

September 2013's flood damaged or destroyed much of Longmont's infrastructure. Repairs to streets, parks, trails, drainage, water resources, power lines and public buildings will cost the City of Longmont an estimated $45 million. These recovery projects will be paid for with a combination of local, state and federal dollars. Visit the Recovery Updates page to find a list of flood-related projects and their current status.

Journey in Detail

Note: The total cost to achieve full recovery and future protection is estimated to be $136 million dollars. This number is based on current evaluations, so it may adjust as more information is gathered.