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First and Main Station: Transit Revitalization Plan

Transit Oriented Development in 1st & Main Station Plan

What is Transit Oriented Development?

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is a fast-growing trend of creating vibrant, livable communities. It is the creation of compact, walkable communities centered around high quality public transit systems. TODs make it possible to live a higher quality life without complete dependence on a car for mobility and survival.

Components of Transit Oriented Design:

• Walkable design with pedestrian as the highest priority
• A transit station as a prominent feature
• A regional node containing a mixture of uses in close proximity including office, residential, retail, and civic uses
• High density, high-quality development within a 10-minute walk circle surrounding the station
• Collector support transit systems such as trolleys, streetcars, light rail, and buses
• Designed to include the easy use of bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, etc. as daily support transportation systems
• Reduced and managed parking inside a10-minute walk circle around the town center and station

TODs provide significant benefits to towns and cities by offering opportunities for community re-investment, accommodating housing needs throughout a resident’s life-cycle,adding sustainable value and offering greater efficiency in how existing infrastructure is used.

Key Aspects of Successful TOD projects:

1. Take advantage of changing demographics

People’s changing preferences for transportation and transit options present an opportunity for communities. As the population is getting older and staying healthier longer, there are more retirees, childless households and singles than ever before. There is a greater demand for a wider variety of housing types and community characteristics that include:

• Smaller and low maintenance housing
• Mixed-use neighborhoods with walkable proximity to retail/restaurants and opportunities for home office or an easy work commute

2. Pedestrian-oriented and bike friendly. Enjoyable walking environment with trails/open space and opportunities to socialize; amenities within a ¼ to ½ mile radius for pedestrians and a 2 to 3 mile radius for bikes.

3. People-intensive uses.Variety of housing, employment, retail, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, gathering places, etc.

4. Compact development.Higher density with access to open space/ trails and close proximity to services (shopping, restaurants, etc.)

5. Tame parking andimproved access.Maximize on-street and off-street parking behind buildings. Use spaces efficiently to ensure ease of access from major roadways.

6. Successful without transit. Fulfill a market need, have good access to regional roadways, be well designed and constructed, pedestrian-oriented and bike friendly.

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