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(revised 08/15/2013)

Question Resources
Where do I go for a driver's license/test?

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles
M-F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
917 S. Main St. Unit #600,
(303) 776-4073
Full service office

Where is the Longmont branch of the Boulder County Courthouse?

Boulder District Attorney - Longmont Office
1035 Kimbark Street
(Main St. between 10th & 11th)
Longmont, CO 80501
720-564-2522 / 303-682-6800

Where is the animal shelter? Longmont Humane Society
9595 Nelson Rd.
Where do I go for a copy of a birth certificate or death certificate? Boulder County Public Health
3450 Broadway, Boulder

Longmont office:
529 Coffman Street Suite 200
Where can I review a copy of the city budget? City of Longmont, Finance Department
350 Kimbark St.
Where do I file for divorce or get a copy of my divorce decree? Boulder County District Court
Justice Center
1777 Sixth Street
6th & Canyon, Boulder
Cemetery Information: How do I contact cemeteries in Longmont?

Mountain View Cemetery
620 11th Av.

Foothills Gardens of Memory
2051 Terry St.

Where can I find Eco Pass Information for Longmont, Boulder County? Boulder County

Boulder County Transit Coordinator
2045 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302

Where do I get a marriage license? Boulder County Clerk and Recorder
- Marriage Licenses

1750 33rd Street, Suite 201, Boulder
303-413-7776 (recording)

Longmont office:
529 Coffman St.
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New residents
Where can I find affordable housing in Longmont?

City of Longmont Affordable Housing
350 Kimbark St.

Boulder County Housing Authority
3482 N. Broadway, Boulder
303-772-8110 ext. 3929

Longmont Housing Authority
1228 Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501
Ph: 303-651-8581

How do I get my utilities set up?

Utility Transfers, Connects/Disconnects

Electric, trash/recycling, and water: Utility Billing Department


Local telephone service:
CenturyLink: 800-244-1111
McLeod USA: 800-909-3012

Comcast: 888-824-4010 or 303-651-2003

Where do I go to register to vote? City Clerk's Office (if you live within city limits)
350 Kimbark St.

Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office
1750 33rd Street
Where do I go to transfer vehicle titles, license plates, etc.? Boulder County Department of Motor Vehicles
Longmont Office
529 Coffman St.
What school district do I live in? District boundary maps are on the
St. Vrain Valley School District site.
Where do I get food stamps? Boulder County Social Services
529 Coffman St. Ste. 100
Where is the Social Security Office? 665 S Broadway Ste. A
(Table Mesa Ctr.), Boulder
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Where do I go to get a business license? Longmont City Clerk's Office - Licenses
350 Kimbark St.
Where do I go to get a sales tax license? City of Longmont Sales Tax Office
350 Kimbark St.
How do I reach the Chamber of Commerce? Longmont Chamber of Commerce
528 Main St.
Where can I pick up a check for the money the City of Longmont owes me for services or goods? City Accounting Department
530 Kimbark St.
How can I get on the city's bid list? Longmont Purchasing and Contracts Department
350 Kimbark St., 2nd Level (above City Council Chambers)

How can I find out who owns a certain piece of property?

(Property Ownership)

Boulder County Assessor's Office

Boulder County Courthouse
1325 Pearl Street
Second Floor
Boulder, Colorado 80302

Monday-Friday; 8:00am-5:00pm

Boulder County Assessor
P.O. Box 471
Boulder, Colorado 80306

Where can I find out how much my Longmont property tax is? Boulder County Assessor's Office

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