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Emergency Information



As of Sunday, September 15th at approximately 14:00 pm we have created a new website for Flood updates, evacuation maps, road closures and more can be found here: is no longer active.

Please use this site to get your updates from this point forward. You can also find updates via Facebook and Twitter.






For current information regarding flooding, contact the Citizen Call number @ EOC at 303-651-8595.

If you need assistance with evacuation, please contact Longmont Communications Center (Dispatch) at their non-emergency number 303-651-8501.

Follow flood update information on Twitter using the Hashtag #LongmontFlood


Longmont Power & Communications is working to restore power to those areas with outages. Accessibilty is limited in some locations, but crews are working as water receds and the area is safe again to enter.

ROAD CLOSURES / Evacuations

09/13/13 Updates

(Download the PDF versions below so that you can then 'zoom-in' for a more detailed view)

15:40pm - Road closures and areas of Concern

14:51 - Electric Outage Map

14:15 pm - Current Evacuation Map (smaller version of Evacuation Map)

Evacuation Map

13:39 pm - There is limited access to Longmont at this time. The roads that are open are being utilized by emergency personnel.

Both I-25 at Hwy 7 to the Wyoming border, North and South are closed due to flooding. Hwy 66 is closed east of I-25 beginning at County Road 13, no east bound traffic. Hwy 66 westbound from I-25 is open into Longmont. No access to the Town of Lyons via Hwy 66. Hwy 287 is closed at S. Pike Road into Longmont. Hwy 119 southboud Longmont to Boulder is closed. County Line Road 1 is closed between Hwy 52 and Hwy 119.

City of Longmont is under a Federal State of Emergency at this time. Please do not drive, walk, bike around town if you don't need to. The more people that are out and about, delays our ability to get to people who are in need at this time.

12:06 - Flood Road Closure Map

11:50am - Electrical Outage Map

10:06am - Electrical Outage Map

08:53am - Road Closure Map

07:09am - Latest Road Closure Map

6:31am - Latest Electrical Outage Map

6:30am - Evacuation areas, evacuation centers Version 2

5:54am- Latest Flood Evacuation and Everbridge Notification map Version 8

5:53am - Road Closures and Locations of Concern Map Version 9

4:09 a.m. - Road Closures and Locations of Concern Map Version 8

Closings are now at:


2:31 - City Facilities Closure Update (9/13/13) - The following City of Longmont facilities will be closed for business today, Friday, September 13th.  The Library, Senior Center, Museum, Youth Center, Park Maintenance Facility, Callahan House, Recreation Center (Quail), Memorial Building. Employees of these facilities are encouraged to contact their manager and determine if they can be of assistance with flood emergency operations.

09/13/13 - Flood Closure Information and updates

15:50pm - Longmont RTD Bus Routes Affected by Flood

RTD routes affected: 204, 205, 206, 208, 209, 225, 228, 323, 324, 326, 327, BOLT, BOND, DASH, DD, DM, GS, HX, J,

Visit RTD's website directly for routes and schedule information.

15:45pm Quail Neighborhood Evacuation Lifted

The Quail Neighborhood Evacuation has been lifted. Residents of Quail neighborhood which is located East of Main St. South of Quail Road are able to return to their homes.

15:15pm - Neighborhoods South of Pike, Between Hover and Main St. Mandatory Evacuation

The mandatory evacuation for residents South of Pike, between Hover and Main Street has been lifted. Residents are allowed to return home, but re-evacuated if the weather changes or the area becomes unsafe.

15:14pm - Contact Numbers

12:10pm - Flood Closure Information Update

We have completed a fly over of the city from County Line Road to Lyons. The St. Vrain river has breached its banks in numerous points. Ponds have over flowed or levy’s failed. Much of the St. Vrain river has routed to the north of the river and is currently flowing into neighborhoods near Mt. View Ave and Airport. From there much of the water appears to be following the rail line from Lyons into Longmont. The St. Vrain river corridor from Hover Rd. to Main St. still has a significant volume of water flowing on the streets and through our businesses and residences near the area.

Due to the significant number of visits to our website, we have opened an additional website. We are updating these sites frequently. Our websites are: Http:// (preferred) and

We are currently evaluating our earlier evacuations. There are still locations within the city where residents will not be allowed to return. We will notify specific neighborhoods when we are ready for you to return. These locations will be listed at our website. If your neighborhood is not within one of those locations, you cannot go home. We are reminding our residents, we are cautiously lifting these restrictions and you will be subject to re-evacuation should the weather change. If water should begin to rise in your area we would encourage you to leave as soon as possible.

We are warning residents that there may be electrical hazards in the home. If you have an electrical outage please call the LPC call center at (303) 776-0011. If you smell natural gas, please leave your home and notify Excel at (800) 895-2999. For other questions, please call our call center at (303) 651-8595.

At this time, we are allowing the residents of the Willow Creek and Renaissance neighborhoods to return home with the above noted restrictions. These neighborhoods are bordered by Airport Rd. to the west, Nelson Rd to the north, Quail Rd. to the south and Grandview Meadows Dr. to the east.

We still have a significant amount of people traveling around Longmont. As a reminder, the traffic volume on these streets may interfere with our ability to move around the city. Please stay off the streets, away from bridges and out of evacuated neighborhoods.

Ken Pratt Blvd is open between County Road 1 through Longmont for east and west bound traffic.

Again, please stay off the roadways. Highway 66 is critical to on-going rescue and evacuation efforts in Lyons. We need to do our part to support those efforts.

The City of Longmont water is still safe to drink. Our Evacuation Centers at the Memorial Building and Niwot High School are still open.

11:23am - Flood Closure Information Update

We are encouraging all residents of Longmont to stay home and avoid any unnecessary travel.  The National Guard will be assisting the Town of Lyons with evacuations to the Life Bridge Church on Highway 66.  The Life Bridge Church is located near Highway 66 and Gay St.  Please limit any use of Highway 66 to emergencies. 

There is no north and south travel in Longmont.  The St. Vrain river has split the city and all north/south bridges are closed at the river.   

Residents who work in public safety or are essential personnel in other cities and counties may leave or access the City of Longmont via Highway 66, east to I-25 or Highway 287 south to Highway 7 (Lafayette), east to I-25.   There is no travel to the west.  Boulder bound Highway 119 is closed between Hover Rd and Airport Road.  Longmont bound from Boulder on Highway 119 to south Longmont is open, but we are anticipating a closure.     
We are continuing to manage flood and other issues through our EOC.  We are receiving weather reports that rain is expected to subside today, but likely to increase on Saturday and Sunday. 

I have attached an updated map from Longmont Power and Communications (LPC).  This map highlights the area with current power outages.  LPC is evaluating these outages and the safety of re-energizing the power to these area.  At this point, we have approximately 1300 homes without power.  Electrical Outage Map

Our drinking water supply is still safe.  We currently do not have any restrictions on use of drinking water and/or waste water.    

The following evacuation centers have been established in Longmont.  For residents to the north, use the Memorial Building (Longs Peak Ave and Coffman St.)  This shelter is near capacity, but we will not turn you away.  Residents to the south, use Niwot High School (8989 E. Niwot Rd.).  Niwot High School still has capacity for residents.  Animals may be taken to the Longmont Humane Society.  Unfortunately, this will only be available to our residents on the south side of the city.  We are working on establishing north location.      

Our call center is still in operation and can be reached at:  (303) 651-8595.  Please call the call center if you are trying to locate a family member.  We will have an up to date list for all evacuees at our evacuation centers.  Please do not call 911 unless you have an emergency.

As a final note:  We are very thankful for all the assistance we have received from the media, our city staff, the Greeley Police Department, the St. Vrain Valley Schools, the National Guard, and many others.  We have received a lot of food donations for Longmont staff, evacuation centers, etc.  We are very grateful for their support and generosity. 

5:28am - Longmont update: update new requested evacuation

The City of Longmont is making a requested evacuation for the subdivisions south of Quail Road and East of Main Street. Residents are asked to evacuate to Niwot Highschool. Requests are being made through the Everbridge Notification System.


9/12/13 Flood Closure Information

10:16 p.m. - Here's a link to the City of Longmont areas of evacuation map based on the notice that there is a declaration of emergency, the City is enacting a curfew from 10:00 p.m. (9/12/13) to 6:00 a.m. (9/13/13).

8:00 p.m. - Based on the notice that there is a declaration of emergency in the city of Longmont, the City is enacting a curfew from 10:00 p.m. (9/12/13) to 6:00 a.m. (9/13/13) in flood zones and evacuation areas. We request that citizens comply with this curfew and remain indoors during these hours.

7:58 P.M. - If you have been out of power for several hours, it is likely that Longmont Power and Communications cannot access your equipment due to flooding. These sustained outages are likely to continue until water subsides and LPC can get to equipment and safely make repairs. This is occurring primarily in western areas of Longmont, including Airport Rd to the west, north of Nelson, and west of 53rd including Apple Valley.

7:57 p.m. - The Longmont Community Foundation and the citizens of Longmont have come together to establish a fund to help our neighbors. 100% of the proceeds from the St. Vrain Flooding Relief Fund will go directly towards helping the community recover from the devastation of the recent flooding. You may contribute online by clicking the donate button, calling us at 303-678-6555 OR by sending a check to The Longmont Community Foundation, ATTN: The St. Vrain Flooding Relief Fund, 636 Coffman, Suite 203, Longmont CO 80501

Thank you for your generoisity and willlingness to help your neighbors and our community

The Longmont Community Foundation

07:10pm - Longmont Public Works staff have opened the release valve for McCall Lake to alleviate concerns of flooding in the area.

06:50pm - The City of Longmont is opening a new evacuation center at the Niwot High School, 8989 E. Niwot Rd.  We are closing the Silver Creek High School evacuation center.  The evacuees at Silver Creek High will be moved to Niwot High School. 

6:38pm - The Union Reservoir Campgrounds are closed tomorrow, Friday, September 13, 2013 through Monday, September 16, 2013.


Longmont Launches New eAlert Information System

Longmont eAlert SystemThe City of Longmont is launching a new e-mail alert system that will provide customers with up-to-date information on a variety of topics. If you have an e-mail account at home or work, you will be able to take advantage of notices sent directly to an e-mail address of your choice or to a telephone or fax machine.

For more than 3 years, Longmont has provided an e-mail based newsletter that is currently e-mailed to approximately 900 subscribers. The new eAlert system will migrate this popular subscription service to a new automated service, which will broaden the number and variety of subscription topics that the City offers.

Longmont e-News has already migrated to the new system. To subscribe, go to the eAlert subscription page now to sign-up and choose the type of news you would like to receive.



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