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Recreational Vehicles, Code Enforcement, City of Longmont

Recreational vehicles in residential zones may be stored in the rear yard, or in a side yard that is not adjacent to a street, if it is placed 20 feet behind the front property line. These may also be parked in the street for 72 hours, and then back to the driveway for 72 hours. If the Recreational Vehicle is not going to be used, you may want to consider leasing a space in a recreational vehicle storage lot to avoid having to constantly move it.

The Code Enforcement Officers may receive complaints regarding violations of the City of Longmont Municipal Code. If a violation is found they will contact the property owner and/or residents of the property and issue a Notice of Violation. This Notice explains the Code requirements and sets a date for the property to come into compliance with Municipal Code. Failure to comply with the Notice of Violation will result in further legal actions up to and including a Summons to Appear before Municipal Court.

A Recreational Vehicle can not be used as a private residence or sleeping place of one or more human beings or for transient accommodation.

11.28.010 Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

"Operate" means to ride in or on and control the operation of a recreational vehicle while it is self-propelled.

"Recreational vehicle" means a motorized, self-propelled, wheeled or track vehicle primarily designed to be operated for recreational purposes on land or water, other than roads or highways, and shall include those motorcycles more commonly known as dirt bikes.

"Recreational vehicle" does not apply to battery- operated children's vehicles.

11.28.020 Restrictions.

It is unlawful to:

A. Operate a recreational vehicle or a battery-operated children's vehicle on any public road or highway within the city unless it is properly licensed, registered and street equipped;

B. Operate a recreational vehicle, except by sitting on a permanently attached seat;

C. Operate a recreational vehicle with more people than there are permanently attached seats for;

D. Operate a recreational vehicle in the city, except:

1. On one's own property or that of another with the owner's express permission, for recreational purposes to the extent permitted by applicable zoning and other ordinances, and

2. Golf carts, operated exclusively on golf courses in regular and authorized play;

E. Nothing in subsection D of this section shall permit any public or private nuisance as the result of such use.

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15.04.030.D.l.a.iii - Occupied recreational vehicles or sales lots prohibited where.

Mobile homes, recreational vehicles, and travel trailers shall not be used as accessory dwelling units.

15.04.030.D.12 Recreational and commercial vehicle storage.

a. Trailers, boats, recreational vehicles, major recreational equipment, and commercial vehicles shall not be parked or stored on a public right-of-way in a residential zone for longer than seventy-two hours.

b.  No trailer, boat, recreational vehicle major recreational equipment, or commercial vehicle shall be parked or stored for longer than seventy-two hours in any required yard adjacent to a street in a residential zone.

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Last Updated: 11/13/07