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Graffiti Information, Reporting & Removal

The City of Longmont has an ordinance in place to deal with unsightly graffiti in the Graffiti Removal Equipmentcommunity. The City of Longmont has adopted the 2009 edition of the International Property Maintenance Code. Section 302.9 of the code prohibits the defacement of public or private property, by marking or carving graffiti. It is the property owners responsibility to promptly report defacement of private property and to cooperate with the code official in restoring the surface to a graffiti free state.

It is important to remove graffiti as soon as possible, because if left in place, graffiti adds to the deterioration of neighborhoods, and may invite a response from rival gangs or taggers. When an individual or neighborhood becomes involved in active, frequent removal of graffiti, it sends a message to offenders that their destructive graffiti and other activities will not be tolerated.

If you would like our Graffiti Abatement Crew to come and remove graffiti on your property, please click on the link below and read, sign and mail or fax the Graffiti Waiver Release form to:

Mail or FAX to:

Code Enforcement
Attn: Graffiti Removal Requests
385 Kimbark Street
Longmont, CO 80501
Fax number: 303-651-8930


Download the Graffiti Waiver Release Form

Graffiti Program


Graffiti Stops with you! Report Graffiti to the appropriate authorities. Use our graffiti hotline:

303-774-GEAR (4327).




If you see graffiti vandalism in progress, call 9-1-1. Useful information that you can provide includes: description of those doing the graffiti and their vehicle (if there is one). Do not approach those involved in what you believe is illegal activity. See the Police Department's Graffiti page for additional information.


All citizens can report graffiti by calling the "GEAR" (Graffiti Eradication Abatement Response) Hotline at (303) 774-GEAR / (303) 774-4327. A Code Enforcement Inspector will receive your message, and may contact you for more information. Or, you can use the online form. This will help the Code Enforcement to find the graffiti, and write to the property owner to inform them of their responsibility to remove the graffiti in a timely manner.

The City is asking for your help in removing the graffiti that has been placed on your property. You may choose to remove the graffiti yourself, in a manner you deem most appropriate for your situation. If you are unable to remove the graffiti yourself, the City is prepared to offer you assistance in the form of labor, materials or both. There are limitations on what style of removal the City can offer, and you can get more information on that by contacting Code Enforcement at (303) 651-8453 or (303) 651-8695.

There is no cost to you for voluntarily working with the City to get the graffiti removed.

If you fail to remove the graffiti, or request assistance from the City in removal of the graffiti within 10 days, the City will hire a private contractor and cause removal of the graffiti and assess all costs, plus a twenty percent administrative service charge. Such costs for removal will be certified as a charge and lien against the property.



Download the English Version of the Graffiti Brochure



Descargue the Version en Español del Folleto de Grafito



Related City Ordinances

The City's code on graffiti states the following:

16.20.170 - Section 302.9 - amended - Defacement of property. No person shall willfully or want only damage, mutilate or deface any exterior surface of any structure or building on any private or public property by placing thereon any marking, carving or graffiti.

It shall be the responsibility of the owner promptly to report defacement of private property exterior surface and to cooperate with the code official to ensure that said surface is restored to an approved state of maintenance and repair.

Upon determining that the measures outlined in the preceding paragraph of this section will not restore the surface to an approved state of maintenance, the code official is authorized, pursuant to section 107 of this code, to issue a correction order to the owner. Upon failure of the owner to satisfy the correction order within the time specified in the order, the code official may cause correction through any available public agency or by contract or arrangement by private persons and may pursue assessment and collection of the cost thereof according to sections 106.3 and 106.4.


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