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Garage Sales, Code Enforcement, City of Longmont

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6.44.090 Garage sales--Definition--Limitations.
6.44.100 Violation--Penalty--Injunctive relief.
15.06.050.C Display of signs—Exempt from permit. Yard sale announcement. Back-to-back signs permitted—Area.

A garage sale is the occasional, non-business, public sale of secondhand household and other goods.  These goods are incidental to household uses.  Garage sales may only be conducted in residentially zoned areas.

Garage sales may not be conducted for more than three (3) consecutive days, nor for more than a total of twelve (12) days within any calendar year.

Signs advertising garage sales may be posted on neighboring properties in residentially zoned areas with the property owners permission.  Garage sale signs shall not be posted in any public right of way, including attachment to public structures such as light poles, traffic lights, street signs or utility boxes.

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6.44.090 Garage sales--Definition--Limitations.

For purposes of this chapter, a "garage sale" is defined as the occasional nonbusiness public sale of secondhand household and other goods incidental to household uses by a person or persons from a location zoned for any residential densities set forth in Chapter 19.12 or 19.60 of this code. It is unlawful to hold a garage sale more than three consecutive days, or for more than twelve days, within any twelve-month period at the same location. (Ord. 0-92-22 1 (part))

6.44.100 Violation--Penalty--Injunctive relief.

  1. The court may punish any person convicted of violating this chapter, except Section 6.44.090, on garage sales, by a fine up to nine hundred ninety-nine dollars or by imprisonment up to one hundred eighty days or by both such fine and imprisonment. The minimum fine for a violation of Section 6.44.060 shall be one hundred dollars, which the court shall not suspend.

  2. The court may fine any person convicted of violating Section 6.44.090, on garage sales, up to one hundred dollars for each violation.

  3. Nothing in this section shall restrict the city from seeking compliance by an action for injunctive and other appropriate relief before any court having appropriate jurisdiction. (Ord. 0-94-61 9 (part): Ord. 0-92-22 1 (part))

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15.06.050.C Display of signs—Exempt from permit.

The following nonilluminated signs may be erected in compliance with this title without the issuance of a sign permit. Such signs may be permitted in addition to all other signs permitted and shall conform to setbacks and other physical characteristic requirements per Chapter 17.20.

Real Estate signs
Construction signs
Election signs
Yard/Garage sale signs
Public signs
Ideological signs
Memorial signs
Holiday decorations
On-site information signs
Window signs (Ord. 0-2001-78 1 (part) Yard sale announcement.

"Yard sale announcement" means a sign which advertises the location of a yard or garage sale.

15.06.060.G Back-to-back signs permitted—Area.

All signs other than wall signs may be back to back, and each side may have an area not to exceed the maximum stated for each respective type of sign. (Ord. 0-2009-21 15, 6-9-2009)

15.06.060.B Number of signs limited.

Signs for Single Use Developments.

  1. No one use is allowed more than three signs per street frontage, and no one use is allowed more than a total of five signs. The following number of each type of sign is allowed for any one use provided the total number of signs does not exceed five:
  2. No more than two wall signs, one per approved wall area;
  3. No more than one projecting sign (commercial districts only, and not on the wall as a wall sign);
  4. No more than one freestanding sign per street frontage, except as restricted in Section 15.06.070, “Specific Sign Regulations”;
  5. Pedestrian-oriented under-awning or under-canopy signs and signs exempt from permit per Section 15.06.050(C), “Signs for Multiple Use Developments,” are not counted toward the maximum.


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Last Updated: 7/11/11