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Wood Burning Restrictions, Code Enforcement, City of Longmont

Every year, from October 31 to March 31 of the following year, the state health department issues high pollution advisories and burning and driving restrictions.  The High Pollution Advisory Program is coordinated by the Air Pollution Control Division of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The advisories are issued at 4pm every day and are in effect until 4pm of the following day.

The current air pollution advisory can be seen here from October through March.

The City of Longmont Municipal code addresses violations of the burning restrictions.  City of Longmont Code Enforcement Inspectors respond to complaints of burning violations. You may call 303-651-8695 to report a violation. Please be aware that air pollution advisories are updated at 4pm every day. This could mean that a "red" day might change to a "blue" day after 4pm, so please be cognizant of the current designation before reporting a violation. 


16.44.020 High pollution prohibition.
A. It is unlawful for any person to operate a solid fuel-fired heating device during a high pollution day unless that person has an exemption granted pursuant to Section 16.44.030. It shall be the duty of all persons owning or operating a solid fuel-fired device to be aware of any declaration of a high pollution day by the Colorado Department ofHealth.

B. At the time of the declaration of a high pollution day, the city shall allow three hours for the burndown of existing fire in solid fuel-burning devices prior to the initiation of enforcement. (Ord. 0-89-1 1 (part))

There are also exemptions, by which a resident may obtain a permit from the city to burn on " no burn" days. Code Enforcement may find after investigating a complaint that the resident has a permit to burn through the high pollution season.

16.44.030 Exemptions.
A. A person may operate a solid fuel-fired heating device during a high pollution day if an exemption has previously been obtained from the city manager or designee. An exemption may be granted if the applicant submits a sworn statement that either:

1. A solid fuel-fired burning device is the sole source of heat and that said device was installed prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified herein; or

2. An electrical heating system is the primary source and a solid  fuel-fired heating device is a supplemental heating system, and that said system was installed prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified herein; or

3. A phase III certified device, or a solid fuel-fired heating device that meets the most stringent emission standards for wood stoves established by the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission as
demonstrated by tests by an accredited laboratory, has been installed in accordance with all applicable codes and ordinances. A fee to cover the administrative costs of the exemption certificate may be charged. The fee shall be established and from time to time revised by resolution of the city council.


B. An exemption obtained under this section shall be effective for one year from the date it is granted and may be renewed upon submission of a new sworn statement as provided in subsection A of this section.


C. An exemption granted as provided herein may be revoked by the city if the solid fuel-fired heating device is operated inefficiently so as to create a nuisance due to excessive smoke production.


D. The exemption certificate shall be posted in a conspicuous location near the main entrance to be visible from the street. (Ord. 0-92-42 2; Ord. 0-89-1 1 (part))

Last Changed: 11/13/07