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Code Enforcement, City of Longmont

“ The City of Longmont’s Code Enforcement Service is dedicated to enforcing codes and proactively engaging the community in a partnership of problem solving to establish a sense of safety and self reliance that reflects in more beautiful neighborhoods and enhances our quality of life.”

The Code Enforcement Division is under the Community and Neighborhood Resources Division of the Community ServicesCode Enforcement Vehicles Department. Our inspectors work with citizens to ensure public health and quality of life are not compromised by violations to several ordinances. These ordinances were written and enacted to protect the health and safety of all residents. Action on a specific violation may be initiated either by a complaint to the City or by observation of the violation by a Code Enforcement Inspector. The owner and/or party in control of the property on which a violation occurs will be notified of the violation and given an opportunity to effect the necessary remedy. Failure to correct the violation within the specified time period may result in the City of Longmont abating the violation. The owner or responsible party will then be billed for costs associated with eliminating the violation and/or being issued a summons to appear in Municipal Court.

Click here to view a brief overview of the ordinances pertaining to property in Longmont, or click on the specific ordinance in the list below for greater detail:


Snow Removal Regulations


Common Code Violations

Code Violations can lead to court appearances, fines and in some cases jail time. They also affect the appearance and safety of our community. So, it is important that you know about the Codes and Ordinances that affect your property. To help you learn more about these issues we have put together a list of most common violations that are cited and an explanation of the Code or Ordinance that they relate to.



View the Top Code Violations Brochure in English in Adobe.pdf format


brochureDescargue Las Infracciones más Comunes del Código en Español en Adobe. pdf


For more information or questions please contact Code Enforcement at 303-651-8695

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Last Updated: 7/21/14