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West Point Village, Neighborhood Groups


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In 1927 John and Frieda Stroh purchased their farm from William Dickens, of Dickens opera House fame, on 3rd and Main. The boundaries of their 160 acre farm were Sunset to Hover and Mountain View to 17th Street.
John and Frieda's 3 children grew up on the farm. They were Shirley (deceased), Colin of Longmont, and Ann of Ft. Collins. Crops grown were sugar beets, alfalfa, corn, barley, and grass hay. In the winter they feed cattle for market.
In 1959 Longmont Community Hospital was built at 1950 Mountain View Avenue. Of the 10 acres purchased from them, 3 acres were generously donated by the Strohs. Today it is called Longmont United Hospital.
In 1960, 12.5 acres were bought for the FAA. The Chamber of Commerce under Tom Brock raised $40,000.00 to purchase the land. The money came from many Longmont citizens. The land was then turned over to the city and in turn assigned to the Federal Government.
Cost of the FAA was 5 million dollars, 2.5 million for equipment and 2.5 million for the building.
Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on July 6, 1960. On June 23rd and 24th 1962, public ceremonies, a parade downtown and open house at the FAA Center were held.
Perhaps the most dramatic moment came several months earlier on May 1, 1962. At 4:00 am the first flight was an east bound United Airlines flight leaving Stapleton field in Denver. The Longmont FAA was now in full operation.
When the Strohs bought their property they had the choice of the Dickens farm or the Yeager farm. In terms of the future John and Frieda Stroh seemed to have made a very wise decision.
The portion of their farm now from Tulip Court to Spencer Street and bounded by the FAA on the north and and 15th Street on the south, was purchased in the early 1990's. Fifty two common wall condominiums were built to form the West Point Village subdivision.


Last Updated: July 1, 2008