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The Meadows, Neighborhood Groups

The Meadows







For the recreation minded, the Longmont Athletic Club is a block away, Centennial Pool is several blocks away and there are nearby walking and bike paths. On a snowy winter day some of our residents might be seen cross country skiing over the large common area. In the summer some have garden plots at the Community Gardens located a block to the south. There is a strong feeling of community at The Meadows and a wonderful mix of residents….from toddlers to retired seniors. As the yards backing to the common area are not fenced it is easy to get to know your neighbors as one works in their yard or relaxes on the deck or patio enjoying the scenery.



The Meadows is one of Longmont’s first PUDs (Planned Unit Developments) with a homeowner’s association. All but 4 of the 53 townhomes surround the approximately 4 acre common area which has been developed by The Meadows Townhouse Homeowners Association (MTHA) members as a wild life sanctuary. The four homes are on the west side of Atwood Street in Outlot C and have fenced back yards. Over the years the large common area with Spring Gulch water way and two small ponds has become home to a variety of birds, foxes, raccoons, squirrels and the ponds are inhabited by ducks and visited by king fishers, great blue herons and a few geese during the hunting season. The open space was designed as a large retention pond to hold runoff from the northeast part of town during heavy rains.


Neighborhood Grant Projects

In 1994 The Meadows joined the Neighborhood Group Leaders Association (NGLA) and one of their members served as Chairperson of the NGLA for two years in the late 90’s. Over the years The Meadows has received a number of Neighborhood Improvement Grants. The grants have helped the Meadows Townhouse Homeowners Association install a number of improvement projects such as a curved metal bridge over Spring Gulch, a bench by each of the ponds, some signage, a chain link fence with rolling gates along the front of the Baker Street Parking lot, additional trees and shrubs along Mountain View, cobbled rock and plantings on Atwood Street and a wrought iron look fence along 12th Avenue and Mountain View.


Organizations/Programs Landscape

The Association is incorporated and has a Board of Directors. Directors are elected for a 3 year term by the membership at the Annual Meeting and then the Directors at a Board Meeting elect four of the Directors to be the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for the following year. The Meadows has been continually self-managed since its beginning. There is an Architectural Control Committee. Over the years some of the homeowners with ACC approval have added some custom decks in a variety of sizes and added interesting landscaping so that each home has an individual look. Unlike many homeowners associations, while The Meadows is covenant controlled and has rules and regulations, there is no fine system. The residents are to self-enforce the R&R’s and if they ignore them and requests to comply and an attorney has to write and request compliance, then the owner has to pay the legal expense.



The development was begun in 1979 on what was then the eastern edge of town. Mountain View is the northern border, 12th Avenue is on the south, Baker Street on the east and Atwood Street on the west. In 1980 interest rates were in the high teens and the interest rates on construction loans was 22% by 1982 and the developers were forced into bankruptcy and members took over the Association. Over the years the Meadows Townhouse Homeowners Association members have planted the wild roses that border the sidewalks on 12th Avenue and Mountain View and many of the trees and shrubs, purchased a commercial water tap, finished the sprinkler system and the Common area landscaping and paved the parking lots. Starting in 1993 several builders bought the remaining 14 lots and the last of the townhomes were completed in 1995. The MTHA owns the large common area and 3 outlots. The members own their homes and the land they sit on in contrast to some of the townhomes in Longmont that are condos where the owners only own the air space. Unlike today’s townhome developments where one builder does all the construction, there were seven different builders at The Meadows so there is a variety of floor plans and architecture. Several of the current homeowners had been renters at The Meadows and liked it so well they decided to buy there. A couple of others have sold one home and bought a 2nd larger home. The Meadows Townhouse Homeowners Association through the member’s monthly dues maintains the Common areas, mows and fertilizes the private lawns, paints the exteriors of the homes in order to have control of the colors, maintains the roofs and provides hazard insurance on the dwellings and liability insurance on the Common areas. Members are responsible for maintaining their dwelling exteriors, driveways and sidewalks, garden and gravel areas and watering their lawns and gardens.

Meadows in the winter







The Meadows is centrally located 5 blocks east of Main Street on the south side of Mountain View and within walking distance of downtown.



Last Updated: October 15, 2007