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Fox Hill I, Neighborhood Groups



Because the area was a hill and difficult to farm, it was the Karsh Cattle Feed Lot for many years and that was how Karsh Drive got its name. Dating kids used to drive to the ridge past Rider Farm to watch the stars and lights of the city, and Pace Street was called “Lover’s Lane” by the locals.

Fox Hill Country Club golf course open in June of 1973 and Phil Skrubina was the developer who opened Fox Hill 1. He built a home on Karsh Drive for his family and another for his parents, and one at the north end of Karsh Drive for his accountant, Tom Stevenson. He later built a home on Fox Hill Drive for the first golf pro at the Country Club.

The Great Western Sugar Mill was processing sugar beets each year from October to March, 24-hours a day, and at times if the wind was from the southwest, the odor and fumes in the neighborhood were definitely undesirable. When the Great Western Mill was closed in 1977, the subdivision flourished and has been a wonderful neighborhood to live in ever since.



Fox Hill 1 is the area encompassed by Pace Street on the West, Fox Hill Drive, Karsh Drive and Eagle Court on the East, 5th Ave on the North and 3rd Ave. on the South.


Last Updated: February 20, 2008