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Aspen Grove Village, Neighborhood Groups



Aspen Grove Village is a small “Seniors Community” of fifty-five or older residents. The homes are up-scale ranch style attached patio-homes designed for low maintenance. The homes are two or three bedroom models with partial basements, primarily for storage. The 2nd or 3rd bedroom usually serves as an office, computer, or sewing room. Some homes do have portions of the basement finished for use as a home theatre, entertainment area, arts and crafts, or special projects.



Each home is owned as a single family home with lot ownership being the footprint that the home sits on. Homeowners are responsible only for upkeep and maintenance of their individual family home. Other than the homes footprint, all of the land area, including the driveways, is common area governed by the Executive Board using the Controlling Documents of the Aspen Grove Homeowners Association. All common area maintenance, cement, drainage, landscaping, lawn and sprinkler upkeep, fencing, trees and shrubs, and snow removal services are provided by the HOA. A blanket insurance policy covers the building structures and the homeowners provide for internal contents. Freedom during retirement, are the “Magic Words” for Aspen Grove Villagers.


Neighborhood Grant Projects

Aspen Grove Village has received Neighborhood grants for shrubs, trees, entrance lighting, and a major project for the re-construction of a 100 year rain water runoff storing and settling tank that had become a catch-all for grass and weeds. Also, Aspen Grove Villagers had become greatly concerned about the amount of weed and grass killer chemicals that were used every 3 weeks from spring through fall. These chemicals or the residue eventually emptied into a creek and river. The growth from washed in dirt and seeds had developed a muddy sludge throughout the rocky bottom and the weeds and grasses had caused ponding for mosquito breeding during Colorado’s worst year for West Nile Virus. Thankfully, only one of our neighbors contracted the virus before the project was completed. This was a truly great project for Aspen Grove Village and Longmont.



Aspen Grove Village was developed on part of the property sometimes called “The Old, Clark Fox Farm”. Many years ago this must have been something like a Fox Ranch, possibly for the fur industry. On the property immediately west of our village, there stands a two story red barn that supposedly was used in the foxes processing. The real and complete history of this small area that our village now sits on may have been forgotten by many, but, there are some things we do know: That “Clark’ is an old-time family name in the history of Longmont. And that someone of the Clark family has been honored in Longmont with “Clark Centennial Park” And that Aspen Grove Village is occasionally visited by foxes that seem to know this part of town very well.



Aspen Grove Village is located on Oak Ridge Lane and Grove Court streets in Longmont, Colorado. Drive North on Francis Street from 17th avenue about a block and a half then west onto Oak Ridge Lane, you are now in Aspen Grove Village. Aspen Grove Village’s central location is 1 to 2 miles from 3 major grocery stores, a major pharmacy, a hardware store, a medical clinic and the Longmont Hospital. Most of the services that a senior citizen may need are close to our community.



Last Updated: June 30, 2009