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Leadership Training Program, Neighborhood Programs

This program is offered free of charge to anyone that lives or works in Longmont that is interested in learning more about the community, and developing the skills needed to become an effective neighborhood leader.

Longmont’s most important asset is its people. The combination of resident participation and active neighborhoods contributes to the improvement of the quality of life in our city. As we continue to meet the challenges of today’s society, residents and neighborhoods play an important role in preserving and improving what is best about our city. As a result, the quality of neighborhood leadership becomes even more important.

The program objectives are:

  1. To broaden potential neighborhood leaders’ understanding of the community;
  2. To expand the pool of skilled neighborhood leaders;
  3. To encourage the establishment of networks among neighborhood leaders;
  4. To enhance the ability of neighborhoods to resolve problems on their own or in cooperation with other neighborhoods and/or institutions;
  5. To introduce participants to decision-makers in our city’s government and throughout our community.

This Program has been designed and produced by the Neighborhood Group Leaders Association and the City of Longmont’s Neighborhood Resources Program and involves participation in eight events offered the public annually (dates and times to be determined annually).

Leadership Program Description:

Class Name
Orientation Overview of the program
City Government Discuss Longmont's form of government
Effective Neighborhood Communication Meet with local media to learn how neighborhoods can work to get stories told. Also learn how to make a presentation to City Council or a City Board/Commission
Effective Meetings Learn how to conduct a successful meeting, how to deal with common problems that arise at meetings.
History and Bus Tour Presentation by historian and a bus tour of the Longmont neighborhoods with an emphasis on the historical development of the city and how city founders set the tone for growth of the city.
Longmont-Our Diverse Community Expose class members to the diverse communities in Longmont
Community Policing and Neighborhoods Get an inside look at the city departments within the Criminal Justice System
Graduation Celebrate and recognize the Leadership Program graduates for their accomplishments.


Class size is limited. A selection process will be conducted if the total applications received exceeds the maximum allowance.

For more information about the program, and/or a program application to get involved in this fun and informative program contact Jon Clarke, at 303-651-8721 or email:

The Documents on this page are available in Adobe® Acrobat™ (.pdf) format. For more information, go to our page on how to download Acrobat from the Web.