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Repairs & Maintenance, Landlord/Tenant

Repairs & Maintenance

Check Your Lease First

Verify who is responsible for repairs and maintenance. If YOU ARE responsible, then you must comply - - you agreed to those terms when you signed your lease.

IF it is the responsibility of the LANDLORD, follow the steps below:

Contact the Landlord and explain what is happenning. Get answers to questions such as whether HE/SHE DIRECTLY will initiate the repairs, or do you have to call the OWNER, etc.

If the Landlord refuses to act promptly, the tenant may then:

Request a written response within a certain number of days.

Tenant SHOULD NOT WITHHOLD RENT or deduct the cost of any repairs made by tenant unless there was an express (and preferably written) agreement that the landlord would make the repairs and he/she has failed to do so. Failure to make timely payment of rent could result in eviction. If the tenant has any question about this, an attorney should be consulted.

If failure to repair causes a City Housing Code violation, see the section Housing Code & Other Requirements of the City of Longmont in the Rental Property for Landlords and Tenants Handbook.


For more information or questions please call Community and Neighborhood Resources at 303-651-8444.