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Mobile Home Handbook, Landlord/Tenant

Mobile Home Handbook

The purpose of Mobile Home Owner Handbook is to clarify existing mobile home park law in Colorado, to explain its procedures, and to generate options for collaborative resolutions for concerns between a homeowner and park management.

In this state, the Colorado Mobile Home Park Act ("the ACT") governs mobile home park law. The Act was designed to address issues unique to the mobile home park resident, and sometimes differs from laws affecting conventional landlord-tenant rental arrangements. This handbook will refer to the Act as printed in the Colorado Revised Statutes, cited "C.R.S."

Laws will differ depending on whether or not the mobile home is owner-occupied or a rental unit. This handbook addresses owner-occupied units in mobile home parks. The usual landlord-tenant rental rules apply for non-owner occupied units.

We recommend that all parties keep a file of letters, notices, and rule amendments, as well as a log of communications between homeowners and management. Documentation can be useful especially over the course of a long-term tenancy and when disputes arise.

NOTE: Some park rules prohibit leasing homes to non-owner occupants; each homeowner should refer to his or her rental agreement for individual park policies

This handbook is not intended as a substitute for seeking advice from an attorney or other qualified professional. All information contained in this handbook is subject to change at any time through legislation and court decisions.

For questions, please contact Community and Neighborhood Resources at 303-651-8444, or e-mail