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Landlord Tenant Handbook, Landlord/Tenant

Landlord/Tenant Handbook


Introduction and Philosophy

The Rental Property Handbook for Landlords and Tenants meant to serve as an information guide, and is not intended to be used as a substitute for seeking legal advice from an attorney.

Tenants have legal rights. However at times tenants are not knowledgeable about these rights and how to legally protect these rights. The same can be said about landlords, as they have legal rights and may not be as knowledgeable as they should.

Most Landlord/Tenant problems can be solved by communicating between the landlord and tenant. When a solution cannot be worked out, our office offers Longmont residents mediation or you may wish to consult an attorney for legal advice or counsel.


Landlord Tenant BookDownload the 2010 English Version of the Rental Property Handbook for Landlords and Tenants in Adobe. (pdf 1601 KB). Last revised: July 2010

EspaņolDownload the 2010 Spanish Version of the Rental Property Handbook for Landlords and Tenants in Adobe.pdf 1985 KB). Ultima revisión: Julio del 2010


To view or download individual chapters of the Rental Property for Landlords and Tenants, click the links below

Rental Property Handbook for Landlords and Tenants in the City of Longmont

Last Revised: August 2010

Crime Free Multihousing (pdf 54 KB)

Viviendas Multifamiliares Libres de Crimenes (pdf 51 KB)

Code Enforcement (pdf 237 KB)

Vigilancia del Código (pdf 166 KB)

International Property Maintenance Code (pdf 65 KB)

Código Internacional para el Mantenimiento de Propiedades (pdf 65 KB)

Landlord/Tenant (pdf 416 KB)

Propietario/Arrendatario (pdf 438 KB)

Methamphetamines (pdf 127 KB)

Metanfetaminas (pdf 147 KB)

Neighborhood Watch (pdf 137 KB)

Grupo de Vigilancia del Vecindario (pdf 121 KB)

Relevant Fire Code Issues (pdf 65 KB)

Temas Relevantes sobre El Código de Incendios (pdf 59KB)

Roommates (pdf 52 KB)

Compañeros de Apartamento (pdf 58 KB)

Security Deposits (pdf 106 KB)

Depósitos de Seguridad (pdf 92 KB)

Zoning (pdf 74 KB)

Zonificación (pdf 78 KB)

Appendix (pdf 346 KB)

Apendice (pdf 389 KB)


If you can not afford legal counsel, the Boulder County Legal Services may be able to help you. Call 303-449-7575 for further information (you must qualify financially).

If the problem is not of a legal nature, but a possible building code infraction, contact the Longmont Code Enforcement office at 303-651-8357.

For more information or questions please call Community and Neighborhood Resources at 303-651-8444.