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Employment/Housing Resources, Community & Neighborhood Resources

These web pages provide information regarding rights and resources in the area of employment and housing. These pages are intended as a general guide explaining certain rights, responsibilities and resources in the employment and housing area.

Affordable Housing Program

Affordable Housing Program with the City of Longmont's.

The City of Longmont offers a variety of housing programs for both home builders or developers, provide funds and information on home purchases, down payment assistance, fixing up a home, making a home accessible, and education and trainings are available on how to buy a home.

Are you a victim of Housing Discrimination?

Are you a victim? Fair Housing is your Right! If you have denied your housing rights you may have you may have experienced unlawful discrimination. How do you recognize housing discrimination?

Under the Fair Housing Act, it is Against the Law to:

If you have any questions call our office and speak with our Program Coordinator at 303-651-8445.

Civil Rights

The Colorado Department of Labor & Employment offers a wide variety of programs from Unemployment Benefits to Non-payment of wages complaints. Check out their web at or feel free to call our office and speak with our Program Coordinator at 303-651-8445.

Colorado Civil Rights Website

The Colorado Civil Rights Division's mission of consumer protection and works to protect individuals from discrimination in employment, housing and at places of public accommodation through enforcement and outreach consistent with the Colorado Civil Rights laws

Employment Information
Fair Housing

Fair Housing Laws promote equal access to home ownership and rental housing opportunities. The office of Community and Neighborhood Resources can assist you in Fair Housing issues and provide a packet of information at your request. Please call our office at 303-651-8444.

Housing Discrimination

Fair Housing is your right!. It is unlawful to discriminate in housing based on these Factors:

If you believe your rights have been violated, call Community & Neighborhood Resources at 303-651-8445.


Housing Resources
HUD Programs

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers a wide variety of programs from buying a HUD home to Housing Discrimination Complaints. Check out their website at or feel free to call and speak with our Fair Housing Specialist at 303-651-8445.

For more information call Community and Neighborhood Resources at 303-651-8444.