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Longmont Multicultural Plan

The City of Longmont, Colorado has developed a strategic plan designed to guide the community over the next five years (2003-2007) while becoming a multicultural community. The strategic planning process emerged from the findings of a community assessment of needs and assets among Boulder County Latino residents, which was published and released to the Boulder County community in October 2001.

In 2002, the Longmont City Council invited the entire Longmont community to come together to understand the issues outlined in the Latino Assessment report and to create a community-wide strategic plan to address some of the issues that are significant in the Longmont community. During the course of four meetings, over 100 community members worked together to create a vision and a strategic plan that will not only establish and sustain connections with the Latino community, but will also serve as a tool where the people of Longmont can work together to become a caring and inclusive community strategic plan is built around our vision statement. The plan contains goals, strategies and action steps in the following areas of community interest: education; health; housing; culture; economy and community.

Strategic Objectives:
Community members have formed task forces around each of these issues. These task forces are responsible for developing and carrying out action steps to address these areas in Longmont. All of the activities are supportive of our vision statement. The following are the strategic objectives established by each task force:





Community Involvement

Longmont Multicultural Plan Coordination:
Representatives from each task force also serve on a Steering Committee, which is responsible for providing ongoing direction and guidance to the plan implementation effort.

Task Force Groups:
Education Health Housing Culture Community Involvement