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Community Involvement

Invovle Yourself

You are invited ... to participate!

The City of Longmont encourages and welcomes its residents to be involved in all aspects of city government. There are many ways you can get involved, from simply staying informed to expressing your opinions to volunteering to help the City deliver many of its excellent services.

Getting involved begins with a click. Below are several ways you can participate with the City of Longmont. Just click on what interests you, and get started today.

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City News

City Council







Click on the links below to see examples of some projects for which the City has partnered with the community.

Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan
Focus on Longmont
Education Summit
LiveWell Longmont
St. Vrain Greenway Master Plan
McIntosh Lake Master Plan


The Community Involvement Team values various organizations who champion and build community involvement skills.
These agencies include:
International Association for Public Participation -
Corporation for Positive Change, Appreciative Inquiry for Global Good -
The Institute for the Common Good at Regis University -
Center for Public Deliberation at Colorado State University -


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Interested in engaging your own neighbors and friends in change?

The City of Longmont has developed a framework of varying levels for involving the community as shown at right. They range from simply distributing information to listening to residents’ ideas for and opinions on specific projects to forming partnerships with individuals and organizations in order to deliver a needed service. The City’s community involvement resource manual, Engaging Citizens, is a guide to how and when the City might use these different community involvement processes.

Train yourself in the art of Community Involvement by viewing the PowerPoint training on Community Involvement.

View the 50 Ways to Market without Money brochure for a quick look at all of the ways you can inform the public, and almost all of the opportunities are FREE!

Interested in a quick-learn on a specific technique? View these "one-pagers" to get a flavor for a specific way of managing group process.

For more information about Longmont's community involvement activities, contact Sandi Seader at 303-651-8634 or Jon Clarke at 303-651-8444.


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