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The City of Longmont will hold a Special Municipal Election on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. The election will be conducted as a coordinated mail ballot election with Boulder and Weld Counties. The Boulder and Weld County Clerks will be the coordinated election officials in their respective counties and the Longmont City Clerk is the local designated election official. If you have questions regarding the municipal election, please call 303-651-8649 or e-mail the City Clerk at

The election is being held in conjunction with this year's political primaries on June 24. This means all Longmont voters will receive a mail ballot with the Longmont question regardless of party affiliation. If you are an unaffiliated voter and would like to participate in a party primary in addition to voting in the Longmont Special Election, please update your party registration by visiting or

Ballots will be mailed June 2nd.

The official City of Longmont ballot information is listed below. To see a complete list of all races and ballot questions/issues for this election, visit the Boulder County Election website at:




Special Municipal Election

June 24, 2014


Ballot Question 2A

Shall City of Longmont debt be increased in an amount not to exceed $20,500,000 by the issuance of storm drainage enterprise revenue bonds for the purpose of financing system wide storm drainage capital improvements, including but not limited to, St. Vrain Creek drainage improvements; and shall the bonds be paid solely by the City's storm drainage enterprise revenues and be sold in one series or more at a price above, below or equal to the principal amount of such bonds and with such terms and conditions, including provisions for redemption prior to maturity with or without payment of premium, as the City Council may determine?

_____ Yes/For

_____ No/Against