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2008 Funding Awards, CDBG


Description of Key Projects

The City’s Action Plan provides specific information regarding activities that will be carried out over the next year. A summary of the proposed projects that will be funded with 2008 CDBG funds is provided below.

CDBG Amount
Housing Programs

Residential Rehab

General Rehab
Emergency Assistance
Paint-A-Thon Program


Boulder County Housing Counseling Program Homeownership Training and Post Purchase Counseling
Longmont Christian Housing St. Vrain Manor Improvements
Thistle Community Housing Re-roof English Village
$44,843 - 1
Rental Rehab Program  
$100,000 - 2
Foreclosure Prevention Loans  
Neighborhood Revitalization and Community Improvement Projects
Longmont Downtown Dev. Authority Commercial Revitalization (est. program income)
Casa de la Esperanza Computer Lab Expansion
Neighborhood Improvement Program (Neighborhoods to be selected)
$49,709 - 3
Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley Playground Construction
Thistle Community Housing Home Ownership Marketing
OUR Center Hospitality Center Flooring Improvements
Foothills United Way Individual Deposit Account Program
General Administration
$104,537 - 4
Total CDBG Project Funding  

Recommendations for additional funding - up to the following amounts could be allocated for the projects listed below if additional grant funds are received above the estimated funding level shown above.

1- Re-roof English Village
2 - Rental Rehab Program $38,781
3 - Neighborhood Revitalization
4 - Administration

For a complete version of the 2008 CDBG Action Plan, use the links below to view or print the pdf version of the document.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Fedler, CDBG and Affordable Housing Programs Coordinator, (303) 651-8736, email: