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2010 CDBG Accomplishments


Housing Rehab - Before
Rehab Program - After

Housing Rehabilitation Project


Housing Rehabilitation Project


Summary of Accomplishments
Population Served
Completed in
Housing Rehabilitation Program Low income households 10 HH
Handicapped Access Program (Owner & Renter) Extremely low, Very low and low income households 9 HH
Emergency Housing Repair (Owner) Extremely low and very low income households 33 HH
Digital Divide Program (free internet for children enrolled in school) Extremely low and very low income households 107 HH
Homeless Prevention Funding Extremely low income households 16 HH

The above is just a brief summary of accomplishments for 2010, for more information please view the documents below.

Detailed Summary of Longmont Projets

2010 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (Adobe Acrobat 3.2 mb)

Attachments (Adobe Acrobat)

City of Longmont Reports:

Summary of Consolidated Plan Projects (PR 06)

Activity Summary Report (PR 03)

Summary of Accomplishments (PR 23)


If you have any questions regarding the 2010 accomplishments, please contact Tracy Defrancesco via e-mail at, or by phone at 303-774-4445.


IMPORTANT: You MUST have the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system prior to selecting the above-referenced document in order to be able to view this file.