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Contractors -- Working in Longmont


General Information
Insurance and Workmen's Compensation Requirements

Lawful Presence Requirements

General Information

You must be a licensed contractor in Longmont to do contracting work in the City (Longmont Municipal Code 16.48.030).

As a homeowner you can act as your own contractor and do the work without a contractor's license on your own property where you live. However, if you subcontract a project, electrical wiring for example, then the subcontractor must be licensed to work in Longmont. You may as a homeowner be issued a permit for subcontracted work; however, you are also responsible for inspections and sign-offs on the permit card.

Currently, the City of Longmont does not have reciprocal licensing agreements with any other jurisdiction. The City does honor however, test results from the International Code Council. Tests are given at PearsonVu locations throughout the state. You may also find more information at the International Code Councils website

( You may also schedule a test thru the Building Inspection office.

For details on types of licenses, testing, renewals, and fees, click on the menus on the left.

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Insurance and Workman's Compensation Requirements

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Lawful Presence Requirements

To be a licensed contractor in the City of Longmont you must show proof that you are lawfully present in the United States.

You can download the forms for this in the Applications section below.


Click below to download an application for your new or renewed licenses.

Contractor License Application (contractor_lic_app.pdf, 60 KB)

Contractor License Renewal Application (renewal.pdf, 49 KB)

Lawful Presence in Person (lawful_presence_counter.pdf, 57 KB). Use this if you will be applying in person.

Lawful Presence by Mail (lawful_presence_notary.pdf, 8 KB). Use this if you will be mailing in your application. (A notary's signature is required.)

Documents showing Proof of lawful presence (id_docs.pdf, 9 KB). These are the documents that are accepted as proof of lawful residence in the United States.

Sales and Use Tax License Application

Home Occupation Application (homeoccapp.pdf, 88 KB)--you need to file this if you are operating your business from your home.


IMPORTANT: You MUST have the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system in order to be able to view these files.

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Last Updated: 11/13/07