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Business Improvement Grant Form

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Business Improvement Grant
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Business Owner/Operator Name: (Please include names of all owners/partners of the business)
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Description of improvement project (attach additional sheets/plans if necessary using the file upload below).
Program Eligibility Guidelines (Please read carefully)
1. The business is located within the City of Longmont within a commercial, industrial, or mixed use zoning district.
2. The business generates sales tax within the City of Longmont (more than 50% of sales are sales taxable transactions).
3. The business is located in a non-residential storefront on the ground floor of a building with an outside entrance accessible to the public.
4. The business has been in business in the City of Longmont for at least two years prior to requesting grant funding.
5. The business must be active and generating sales tax revenue at the time of reimbursement.
6. The business owner must prepare an acceptable business plan that contains specified core elements. (See Attachment B - Business Plan Core Elements.)
7. The business has an unrevoked, unsuspended City of Longmont sales and use tax license and is in compliance with all City codes and regulations.
8. The maximum grant is 25% of eligible project cost up to $7,500 per business.
9. If the business owner is a tenant of a property owned by another party, the application must be submitted jointly. Reimbursements will be made to the party paying for the improvement.
10.If other City programs are being used to fund the improvement, only costs not covered by other programs will be eligible for reimbursement.
11. The business owner must submit proof of payment to the City for all approved eligible costs.
12. The business owner will allow access by the City and its employees, as the City deems necessary, for audit purposes and to assess the benefits derived from participation in the Business Improvement Program. The City may also include the business in promotional materials an other public communications about the program.
13. Funding is not transferrable. Other restrictions may apply.

NOTE: Any violation of the program guidelines will result in the business owner being obligated to promptly repay the amount paid pursuant to this Agreement.

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File Upload
Proof of payment for all reimbursement costs must be provided. If you cannot upload them here, please submit hard copy.
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