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Reference Desk 303-651-8472

Books on CD include popular Fiction books and nonfiction subjects such as how to learn foreign languages, self-help, nature sounds, sound effects, literature and various other subjects.
Music: Blues, Soul/Rhythm & Blues, World & New Age, Country & Bluegrass, Folk, Pop, Musicals/Soundtracks, Rock.

Various subjects include educational, documentaries, travel, exercise, health, how-to, history, and feature films including classic, black & white, and those based on books. We no longer carry popular films on VHS. Some VHS titles are available in the Spanish and or the ESL collections.

Check out Information: Limits Loan period RenewalFines
Compact discs 103 weeks3 weeks 10¢ per day
DVDs 10 1 week 1 week10¢ per day